Public Notice

It has come to our notice that some unscrupulous agencies are alluring job aspirants with employment opportunities with Exide Industries Limited/its associate/group companies and extracting money as security deposit, documentation processing fees or training fees.

We would like everyone to be aware that Exide Industries Ltd never requires applicants to pay any amount of monies in any form or for any purpose at any stage of its recruitment and selection process. If any job aspirant comes across any such unauthorised demand, he or she can immediately contact us at:


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Words from our leaders...

Mr. Subir Chakraborty,

Director - Automotive

Exide persuades freedom even at junior most levels, to try out new ideas, explore uncharted territories and implement novel concepts, without any risk of victimization or fear of failure. Such an environment has motivated me to drive excellence in all spheres of corporate life.

Mr A.K Mukherjee,

Director - Finance

EXIDE is like a big family. We argue, we struggle for our respective functions, but ultimately work together towards achieving our common goal and at the end of the day we go home happily. The bond is so strong that it is next to impossible to come out ,once somebody is absorbed in the EXIDE CULTURE.

Mr. Arun Mittal,

Director - Industrial

Exide has a unique culture. Any employee can walk into the Managing Director's office or any other Executive Director's office without a prior appointment and share his views/ concerns on personal or professional issues. Very few Companies have this kind of culture. Exide also offers enormous freedom to youngsters who want to try out new things/ ideas and is also a great place to enjoy work.

Mr. Arnab Saha,

President - National Trade Sales & Marketing

A brand like Exide itself is the greatest motivator. The towering milestones in its history and the all-pervading culture of excellence inspires me to help create more and leave a mark.

Mr. Ranjan Sarkar,

Executive Vice President - Human Resources

Very few organisations today exist that adapt to business disruptions over 70 years with consistent growth, market leadership and profitability... Fewer among them embrace change without diluting the core cultural fundamentals... But it is ONLY a handful who does all these and still remains extremely sensitive and caring for its employees. This is Exide for YOU.

Mr Jitendra Kumar,

Company Secretary & Sr.VP - Legal

The competitive advantage we enjoy at EXIDE is the culture and values of our Company. All we have is the relationship around the values of the Company and treating each employee, how we would like to be treated. We strive to make sure that everybody in the Company has great opportunities, a good work-life balance and an exciting & satisfying career.