Public Notice

It has come to our notice that some unscrupulous agencies are alluring job aspirants with employment opportunities with Exide Industries Limited/its associate/group companies and extracting money as security deposit, documentation processing fees or training fees.

We would like everyone to be aware that Exide Industries Ltd never requires applicants to pay any amount of monies in any form or for any purpose at any stage of its recruitment and selection process. If any job aspirant comes across any such unauthorised demand, he or she can immediately contact us at:


Frankly Speaking

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Here's what our employees have to say about us...

Minakshi Agarwal

It's a privilege to work in an environment that cherishes and nurtures individuality, granting freedom and autonomy to drive transformative change. Collaborating with brilliant minds across diverse disciplines at Exide has helped me hone my skills, making strides in both my leadership capabilities and industry expertise.

Krishna Kant Singh

Exide inspires me! I feel passionate and connected to the company which offers diverse professional experience. For me this is more than just a job, I feel like part of something bigger.

Kasturi Paul

Thanks to the support of my seniors and peers, I transformed from an ingenious fresher into a well-rounded working individual. I gained valuable work experience and had the opportunity to showcase my passion for hobbies as well, which earned my recognition.

Rakesh Prasad

I was equally excited, curious, and uncertain as I embarked on a new chapter of my career with Exide. I'm delighted to say that my onboarding was incredibly smooth, and I quickly developed a great sense of belonging to this company, and now I'm thrilled to be a member of the Exide family.